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Block management is our only business – Not a bolt-on to an estate or letting agency

By specialising in Estate and Block management, we can concentrate all of our energies on the care of your property. We do not sell houses, any form of insurance, or arrange mortgages. We solely manage and maintain our clients’ properties .

Caring for your property is our business

Considering a new managing agent?

Is your current managing agent making sure you receive value for your money?

  • Paying ever increasing service charges and unhappy with the services provided?
  • Fed up with unavailable property managers that never ring back?
  • Has your managing agent got so big they now have a call centre where nobody can help you?

Or is your managing agent getting away with delivering poor service because you have a:

  • Landlord appointed managing agent?
  • Managing agent named in your lease?
  • Development not been transferred into Residential Control?

Do you want a managing agent that:

  • Ensures services are delivered (and checked) for the benefit of the customers?
  • Has its Property Manager living locally so that they typically visit your site every week?
  • Answers your enquiries promptly, often answering them in just one call/contact?
  • Recovers unpaid service charges from your errant neighbours?

Caring for your property is our business