Payment of your Service Charge can be made via:

Bank Transfer

Please refer to your service charge invoice / handout for relevant client account details.

Direct Debit

We offer payment plans via Direct Debit scheme.  To register email and will be email link to enable registration and confirm payment plan options available (dependant on development / lease terms).

We use Gocardless to process all our direct debits to ensure that we comply with all the relevant banking codes of conduct and highest website security.

If you have any questions, please see their FAQ section by clicking here

If you need to change your collection date or bank details, please contact NRM and we will advise on the correct procedure.

You will always receive an email 3 days prior to any payment being taken from your account.


Please make cheque payable as stated on Service Charge demand (please note your management company may charge administration fee for receiving cheques)

Debit / Credit Card

Following new regulations that came into force in January 2018 all extra charges added to payments made by card have been abolished.  However as you must appreciate service charges are calculated via budgets and split between owners is based on payment in full (there is no allowance for card handling costs). It would unfair on owners that pay via the numerous free methods (bank transfer / direct debit etc).

Please note you are NOT paying NRM, your service charge is due directly to your management company / Freeholder.  NRM is only the managing agent.



The simplest way to pay every year and avoid reminder letters and late payment fees sign up for Direct Debit for all your payments. Email us: