Payment of your Service Charge can be made via:

Bank Transfer

Please refer to your service charge invoice / handout for relevant client account details.

Direct Debit

We offer payment plans via Direct Debit scheme.  To register email and will be email link to enable registration and confirm payment plan options available (dependant on development / lease terms).

We use Gocardless to process all our direct debits to ensure that we comply with all the relevant banking codes of conduct and highest website security.

If you have any questions, please see their FAQ section by clicking here

If you need to change your collection date or bank details, please contact NRM and we will advise on the correct procedure.

You will always receive an email 3 days prior to any payment being taken from your account.


Please make cheque payable as stated on Service Charge demand (please note your management company may charge administration fee for receiving cheques)

Debit / Credit Card via Worldpay

Credit Card Payment facility: (Please note your management company requires the full amount, therefore you must pay the administration fee charged by the credit card companies)

We have teamed up with Worldpay to enable payment via credit/debit cards using secure email link service.


We generate a payment request and email you with an embedded link

  • Click on the link within the email and you will be forwarded to the WorldPay payment screen
  • Complete the process and you will receive receipt from WorldPay and we receive confirmation.
  • Your account will be updated within 7 days

As process is completed solely online with WorldPay you can rest assured of the highest security of the UK’s largest merchant processing company.  NRM does not receive any of your card details.

Administration fee is variable dependant on amount (Credit cards: 1.5-3% Debit cards 0.75%-3%)

Debit / Credit Card via PayPal

Alternatively you can pay via Paypal using a similar process as above. Please advise accounts team you would prefer to receive request for payment via PayPal (our default is WorldPay).

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Please note, the following handling fee is levied by the Paypal (no additional charge by NRM)

Credit Card: Invoice total  + 4% card handling fee