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Legal Services

Solicitor Enquiries

For clients wishing to sell or re-mortgage their property, our Solicitors Enquiries Department deals with all solicitors’ enquiries.

On request, and subject to payment of a fee, an information pack containing all standard information will be provided. Additional questions will also be answered for no additional cost.

Initial requests should be made in writing marked for the attention of:

  • The Solicitors Enquiries Department (SED)
  • Norwich Residential Management Ltd.
  • Wherry Road
  • Norwich
  • NR1 1WS
  • Email:
  • Fax: 01603 340500

We strive to reply to all Solicitors enquiries the same day and can issue personalised information packs within 24hrs via email therefore ensuring a speedy sale.

If you require any preliminary information please telephone us on 01603 670050 or email Whilst we make every effort to answer enquiries as quickly as possible, we do suggest that customers and solicitors apply for an information pack at the earliest possible opportunity.