Three people in suits reviewing business reports, symbolising residential management.


Experts in helping Resident Management Companies

We have been chosen time and again by Resident Management Companies (RMCs) instead of their previous National Managing Agent.

We act as the Company Secretary and the Registered Office for these companies and help to fulfil the obligations that the RMC is responsible for, both in terms of estate management and from a company point of view.

Our aim is to make the life of a RMC Director easier, as we understand how important it is that we provide a professional and responsive property management service. Some of the tasks we regularly manage include:

  • Estimating individual service charge costs
  • Preparing annual estimates of expenditure
  • Managing and verifying invoices for payment
  • Maintaining interest bearing trust bank accounts
  • Completion and filing of annual accounts and other statutory information with Companies House
  • Issuing of share certificates (where applicable)
  • Registration of Directors

If you are a RMC in Norfolk looking to appoint a managing agent offering an unrivalled level of service, please contact a member of our team.

Directors of RMC

The Property Managers meet with the RMC Directors monthly / quarterly (dependent on service contract), often meeting outside normal office hours as agreed. We host the meetings and discuss relevant issues and provide documentation for review (i.e. renewal of contracts / services)

Importantly we also meet at developments to walk around.  This enables us you show Directors work carried out and discuss forthcoming works.  It also allows for feedback and another set of eyes looking about.