24hr Parking Vouchers for SSP

Original price was: £11.00.Current price is: £6.00.

These can only be ordered by residents of The Pavilion or the Ivory Building.  Cost of book of ten parking vouchers is £11 (the discount shown above is due to postage costs set by website for other products). Hand delivery is included. PLEASE NOTE THE WEBSHOP WILL ACCEPT ORDERS BUT ARE SENT TO NRM FOR…



Book of 10 x 24hr Visitor Parking vouchers.

Scratch off permits.

Cost of Book of 10 is £11= with free delivery to postboxes at the development

Due to changes with website for postage costs it will show as:

Hand delivery is £6.00 for vouchers and £5.00 for hand delivery (Total £11).

These will be hand-delivered to letterboxes of residents in Pavilion / Ivory blocks.

If you want these posted via recorded delivery to an alternative address, click the relevant option on checkout 

Recorded delivery is £6.00 for vouchers and £7.00 for delivery (Total £13).

Please note there is a restriction on the number of books allowed per property (in a 12 month period) and you can only order 1 book (10 vouchers) at a time.

These are not for 2nd cars.