Replacement Paxton door fob


Please see refer to the description box below to see whether this is the correct fob for your development/block. It is important that you order the correct product. If you are unsure, please reach out to us first. There is a £5 admin fee for refunding incorrect orders.



  • Alexandra House – Commmual Access fob and binstores
  • Emms Court – Communal Access fob
  • Ivory Building – Vehicle Gate & Pedestrian access fob
  • NU Centrale – Greyfriars & Maidstone Communal Access fob
  • Old Millers Wharf – Vehicle Gate & Pedestrian access fob
  • Old Maltings Court, Woodbridge – Access to all Pedestrian entrances to block
  • Riverside Walk – SW18, 19 & Sw20 (in block 1-32 Wherry Rd) Only
  • Tibbenham House – Communal Access fob
  • The Waterings – Vehicle Gate & Pedestrian access fob
  • Ranelagh Road, Block G (10 Reavell Place) – Access fob for the communal front door and binstore
  • Worster Court – Communal Access fob.

Landlords & Letting Agents: When purchasing replacement fobs please complete the order notes section (on the checkout page) confirming which property the fob is required for.  These are NOT generic and have to be linked to a property (to ensure correct permission / door access).

Please note you are not just buying a fob, you are buying a service to program fob for specific development (which involves programming based on permissions for a specific property).