Parking @ Pavilion: Long Stay 3-7 days

From: £6.00


Long Stay Visitor Parking

You can book for a Long Stay from 3 to 7 days for £2 per day.

This is restricted to 2 bays within the carpark.  The calendar will advise whether bays are available.


  • Booking are restricted to 21 days per year per property (to ensure all residents can have a long stay visitor).
  • Booking will be manually checked by NRM before it is authorised and you can pay for booking.
  • Bookings have to be made atleast 3 days in advance (to allow for checking / payment / confirmation process)
  • You must ensure you / your visitor has moved their car before 11:59pm on the last day to ensure space is available for next hirer


Remember that staying upto 24hrs simply use a 24hr parking voucher