As you are aware, the replacement of old wooden windows and doors is scheduled to be completed during 2022.

For Leaseholders in:

    • 1-32 Wherry Road
    • 1-55 Sidestrand
    • 1-43 Eastbank


You will have received your Section 20 Part 2 Notice in relation to the estimated costs of this project (including roofline works and associated access costs).

Please click the link below to view a mini-report (opens in a new tab) of a typical window that will be installed as part of the work:

Click here to view various pictures of a typical window

You can also click on these pictures below to zoom in (opens in new tab):

Closed Window

Partly opened (to safety stop):

Fully opened (safety tab depressed) to show the gap to enable cleaning of the glass from within the property