Water Usage – Additional information

Water Usage – Additional information

If you live in a development where you are charged a prepayment for water and sewerage this page is here to help.

Due to the setup of the development, there are only bulk water meters in the name of the Freeholder/Management Company and not separate Anglian Water meters to each property. This is down to the private pumping stations which Anglian Water do not take responsibility for.

There are however individual meters in the riser cupboards which allow us to check your consumption and calculate your actual usage over the 12 months.

You make a prepayment (as shown on your Service Charge demand) and any adjustment will be posted the following year – any surplus will be deducted from the next years prepayment and any deficit will be recharged ready for payment along with the Service Charge.  This is covered in more detail in the handout with your annual information pack.

What we do to check consumption / advise of wasted water:

  • Q1 – First 3 months:  We read meters and check all properties add up to the bulk meter usage.  Any property that uses MORE than 25m3 is written to and advised they may be exceeding typical usage.  Please note: we don’t know the number of bedrooms or occupants so please refer to the table below to check typical values for the number of people in your property.
  • Q2 – 3-6 months:  We read meters and check all properties add up to the bulk meter usage.  Any property that has used 25% MORE water than the Q1 period is written to advising of increased usage. This highlights that you are likely to exceed the prepayment and to look for potential water wastage (toilet overflows / hot water cylinder issues / dripping taps etc).
  • Q3 – 6-9 months: As per Q2.
  • Q4 – 9-12 month: Total usage is calculated and the difference between the actual cost and your prepayment is calculated and an adjustment applied to your Service Charge account.

Please see below a guide from Anglian Water for typical usage of properties (over 3 month period) for your reference.


No of persons

in property


Identifying an Issue

If you rent this property, please ensure that you advise your Landlord or Letting Agent so that they can arrange to inspect the property. Common faults are dripping taps, toilets overflowing/constantly flushing and boiler header tanks overflowing. It is your responsibility as the tenant to check the property and report any faults to your Landlord or Letting Agent immediately.

If you are an owner-occupier, please ensure that you carry out a full check of the property as above.

We are often asked why water is billed via the Service Charge and not directly by Anglian Water to each property. This is due to the set up of the development and the private pumping stations. This means that there are bulk water meters for each block which are invoiced directly to the Management Company and in turn recharged via the Service Charge mechanism. You are charged for your specific water usage based on individual check meters allocated to each property.

If you require a meter reading in order to monitor your usage please email us at meterreading@nrmltd.co.uk quoting your property address.