Fire Door Inspections @ The Pavilion


Booking Page for Pavilion Fire Door Inspections (ONLY) Please scroll down for more information before booking. This is a free service to you (as cost is covered by the Service Charge).  


Booking Page for The Pavilion Fire Door Inspections:

Phase 1: Properties in Sections 1 & 2 (the left of the building) can book during 4/3/24 to 8/3/24

Phase 2: Properties in Sections 3 (middle of the building) can book during 5/3/24 to 13/3/24

Phase 3: Properties in Sections 4 & 5 (the right of the building) can book during 13/3/24 to 19/3/24

Phase 4: Properties in Admin (front of building in Orginal part) can book 18/3/24 to 19/3/24 

Appointments are available between 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday.

Please select a 20-minute appointment for the Fire Door Consultant to access your apartment to inspect your Front Door.

You must be in to provide access (or if you wish to leave keys with the Caretaker please add into the notes).