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Welcome to Norfolk Residential Management Ltd

We provide Rental and Management services to the private residential leaseholder sector

We are an specialist firm of Managing Agents based in Norfolk! We provide our customers with a quality, value for money property management service from small blocks and estates to residential developments in excess of 350 units. We look to set the standards in the industry for property care, administration and financial control and by utilising the latest technology, to ensure our customer communication is second to none. We are available to speak with you 24hrs a day and always respond to emails 7 days a week

About Us

Caring for your property is our business

We know that our best recommendation is a satisfied client. Indeed, most of our new appointments arise from such recommendations. So we work hard to obtain your business and even harder to keep it (see our Testimonials); but beyond this there are some specific things perhaps you should consider.

Costs – We provide the best value for money services, which should ensure the overall cost to you of the services provided are cheaper when we do it than any of our competitors. Our fees are not the lowest, but they are clear and transparent, and unlike other firms we do not take “back-handers” on the services we provide.

Independence – We are fully independent, we are owned by our staff and run for our clients. We are not linked to the Insurance brokers we work with. We use independent local contractors (which is important to us) for the provision of specialised services.  Too many of our competitors use national maintenance contractors to make their lives easier (but costs spiral and no personal service.) Contractors are chosen based on the price and quality of their services, contractors do not pay us to be on an approved list.

Personal Service – We offer a very personal service. We will tailor our service to meet your requirements. Each block/estate will have an experienced Property Manager assigned to it, who can be easily contacted who is familiar with your property. They are supported by competent Administration and Accounts personnel that complete the capable and helpful NRM team. We don’t have a call centre, we know you want to speak to your Property Manager, first time, every time. If they unavailable to take your call rest assured they will call you back.

Technology when you need it, people when you don’t – NRM has invested in technology to improve our service and ensure information is available 24/7.  But don’t worry, we are still hear to speak with you personally and will happily arrange to meet with you at your development at your convenience.





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