The Old Malting Dereham – Visitor Parking

The Old Malting Dereham – Visitor Parking

Please note this development is split into to seperate management companies.

29 to 68 & 129 to 168 form the rear section of the development.

Visitor Parking Permits are BLUE for permit 1/4/21 to 31/3/24

There are only 4 spaces for 80 properties, so visitor permit must be displayed at all times.


  1. Visitor parking bays are not for 2nd cars of residents
  2. Visitor Permit must be displayed in any vehicle parked in visitor bays
  3. Maximum stay of parking is 24hrs (As per Schedule 2, Clause 2 of Lease)
  4. No return within 48 hrs
  5. No switching / holding space is permitted
  6. No commercial vehicles (other than for loading/unloading, as per Schedule 1, Clause 27)
  7. Appeals must be directed to Parking Enforcement Contractor (see PCN)

Each property is allocated with 1 permit. These are not to be photocopied

Replacements are £25

Click here to download the Parking Plan for Rear Section

Click here to download Noticeboard flyer about Visitor Parking