Intercom Information

Please find below details for 4G intercom system used at some of our sites.

If we have written to you advising your site is being upgraded with an Intratone System, please find the Resident User Guide below:

Click here to see the Universal Residents Guide from Intratone (opens in a new tab)

The system works via mobile phone (3G/4G/5G system) to call your nominated phone numbers (these can be mobiles or landlines).  There is also an iOS and Andriod app which allows for multiple smart devices to receive the call (at the same time), which allows you to preview the caller via the camera system, answer the call and if you wish to let them in, press button to release door.

Please send us your contact numbers, we suggest:

A single person living in property: Mobile number and landline (if you have one)

Multiple people living in property: Mobile numbers of people in the property (please confirm lead who is more likely to be home/point of contact, as if call not answered on app, it will then call mobile numbers in order).

When you leaving the property, please ensure you contact us, so that your number is removed from the system

Additional information:

Click here to see additional User Guide to explain the APP process (Opens in new tab)

Link to Intratone main website (Opens in new tab)

If your door access has also been upgraded alongside the intercom system, you can order additional fobs below which work directly with Intratone.  But if not, please order the correct fobs for your specific site from our website. If in doubt, please ask BEFORE ordering.

Click here to order additional fobs (Opens in new tab)

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