NRM supporting more leaseholders to form RTM’s

NRM is pleased to be working with 3 blocks in Norwich to obtain “Right to Manage” status during March 2022.

1. Notice is ready for Service to Freeholder. 75% of leaseholders signed participation agreement
2. Company in process of being formed and participation agreement being drafted. Over 65% of leaseholders already engaged with RTM process.
3. Leaseholder held meeting this week and voted 73% in favour of moving forward with RTM.

If you unhappy with your managing agent and your lease isn’t a triparty lease (that has a Resident Management Company (RMC) built-in) don’t worry, Right to Manage gives you the power to take control.

Contact NRM for more information. We are happy to come and meet with you informally to explain the process in more detail.

Updated Sept22

Block 1 – RTM Process completed and block appointed NRM as the managing agent from 1st August 2022.

Block 2 – RTM Process underway. Formal notice served on the Freeholder and awaiting 30day notice period

Block 3 – RTM Process underway. Over 50% signed participation agreement, more are now signed with the second legal notice required.  Formal notice on the Freeholder will be served shortly.

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